When we first started building our swings and other outdoor furniture in 1997 we set out with standards to build furniture of the highest quality. Our customers first impressions were exactly what we were looking for. The compliments on how sturdy, well designed and comfortable our swings and gliders were truly made us feel that we had accomplished our goal. Over the next few years our customer base grew much faster than we anticipated. With amenities such as cup holders on our swings, custom name inlays, graphic inlays, powder coated chain and hardware (which we innovated), along with our sturdy construction, we quickly realized that we had achieved our theme -  giving customers value for their dollar.  Callahan Furniture is proud to offer High Quality products  that speak to worth not only in terms of monetary value but also in  durability and reliability. We feel one of our customers captured it best when he said “This isn’t great craftsmanship - This is love”. We appreciate your business and the references you are sending our way. Please view the pictures below to see some of our construction techniques. We strive to produce quality products for a reasonable price. Our customers are important to us and we will never produce poor quality products in order to increase profit margins. If our prices are higher than some other companies this page is designed to help you understand that we do not take shortcuts. When you purchase one of our high quality porch swings, picnic tables, glider/rockers - you have our full assurance that we have done everything we can do to insure that you have purchased the best. We appreciate your return business and the references that you have sent and are sending our way. As always, if for any reason you are not happy with the product you have purchased from us - simply return it. We stand behind our products 100%.

Rick Potter - Chris Potter- Jarrod Potter - Seth Potter


Above and below is our cup holder design. The Oak stop is positioned symmetrically below the cup holder hole. The 1" Oak dowel insures that the stop will not be easily broken off. The 3" diameter hole will allow a drinking glass or can to be easily accessed. The top of the hole has a ˝" radius round over. The arm is a full 5˝" wide by 1˝" thick. The 3/16" proof coil chain chain is inserted through the arm and is secured to the frame of the swing for strength. The chain has a rating of 750 lbs. working load limit.



Notice the ˝" matching wood plugs in the arm above. After we glue and secure our arm to the arm supports with 5 wood screws, we then cut matching wood plugs and fill the screw holes. The plugs are then sanded flush. This takes a little more time and adds a little cost, but the finished product is beautiful. All of the screw holes in our swings are filled in this manner.


Below is just one of the ways we are different from other companies. It's a minor amenity but we believe it may be helpful if our customer ever experiences the theft of their swing or glider. At a certain place on the swing or glider we drill a ˝" hole. We write out the information and place it in the hole and then seal the hole with a plug.

After putting the information in the hole we seal it with a plug which is sanded flush.

If your purchase is ever stolen and is recovered, this small amenity will verify that you are the owner of the product. We can include any information you wish on the card.


Arm Schematic



Shown above is a lap joint on the frame of our swings. The joints are secured with glue and 3 wood screws. The screw holes are then filled with matching wood plugs. This protects the screw from rusting which would allow the joint to loosen.


This is a side view of our arm construction. The 2" X 4" and 2' X 6" construction provides a very strong support. Notice how the chain is hidden inside the brace on the front of the swing and attaches to the frame. This adds beauty and protects children's fingers.


Give us a call at (325)267-5959(Rick's Cell) or email Rick at and discuss your needs. We have Oak, Pine, Cedar, Red Cedar, Juniper, Teak, Cypress, Walnut and many others. Or, if you prefer, we'll custom build you a swing.

Thanks for your business.

Jarrod, Seth, Chris & Rick Potter



It is our hope that by sharing the pictures below we can introduce ourselves to you, our customer. Our desire is to show you that whether we are working together, playing together, or relaxing together, we take one thing very seriously - LIFE. When we are building porch swings we apply the same exuberance to the quality of our swings as we do to everyday life. Our name and your satisfaction are important to us. When we play together we approach our fun times with the same intensity. We can relax only when we know that we have accomplished our goals pertaining to our work ethic as well as our private times together as a family. So, here - in these pictures, as we open ourselves up to you, it is our fervent desire to include you, our customers, as a part of an extended family of people who approach life with the tenacity to enjoy the things that are most important and to enjoy LIFE to it's fullest.













Okay, it's true....sometimes we slip off when Dad isn't looking!








 Bike Day At The Potter House - No Porch Swings Built On This Day - Today Is Family Time









"The artist requires more time, but his work is more valuable. It is not how much we do, but how well we do it that determines worth. The first measurement of any work is quality. Skill is power, a power which belongs to talent, devotion and patience. It adds stature to life. Monuments are erected to artists - not to bunglers. Why rush to get out a slipshod job just to pursue more shoddiness in shoddy living? For no mans life is above his work. Haste makes waste, not only of the product, but of the life that turns it out."
Leroy Brownlow