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The above swing is a custom 7' Classic Cypress swing. The Chain is 750 lb. working load limit proof coil chain that has been powder coated in a copper vein color to protect against rusting and to add beauty to the swing. The above price includes the powder coated chain and hardware and also includes a spar urethane finish (3 coats) or your choice of stain and finish. We will work with you to get you the finish you want. As with all of our swings, your swing will be sanded to a very smooth, splinter free finish with 220 grit sandpaper.


The cup holders are 3" in diameter.

These two handsome models show that this 7'er is a very spacious swing and will easily accommodate two more riders or could easily make a very nice napping spot under your favorite tree.


How's this for support - Seth, 187 - Dad, 288 - Jarrod, 200 - for a total of 675 pounds sitting in the middle of the swing with room for another rider. Our swings are built with support in mind.


Shipping on this swing will be through FedEx freight and will come to you crated and fully assembled. Email me your zip code and I will give you a quote on the shipping.

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