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The above swing is a custom 6ft. three seat "Adirondack" style Cypress swing. The overall length of the swing is 7 feet, with the seating area measuring 6 feet. The Chain is 750 lb. working load limit proof coil chain that has been powder coated in a copper vein color to protect against rusting and to add beauty to the swing. We are offering this package as follows: The price will include the swing, powder coated chain and hardware (see our color choices), your choice of stain and spar urethane finish (3 coats), drawbar springs and FREE shipping to anywhere in the contiguous United States.


Please take notice of the contours of this swing. Over years of development we have perfected every angle in this swing for ultimate comfort. The declension of the back towards the seat is 18, while the concave is a compound declension ranging from 18 to 19.625. Development of the seat contour went through many changes. Anyone with back trouble knows that if you can keep your knees higher than your hips, you'll be more comfortable. While you can't do that in any porch swing you can elevate the knees slightly. So, that's exactly what we did. Looking closely you'll notice that the 18 angle of the back along with the double contour of the seat allow the legs to extend almost perpendicular to the back. However, we did one more thing with the front chain that will remain our trade secret. Suffice it to say that my chiropractor loves this swing for obvious reasons. I think it would be very hard to find a more comfortable swing. As an added plus, it's a beautiful swing!




Cypress - A very beautiful and durable wood



Here is a side view of a Cypress swing stained in "Cherry"

Same Swing 



How's this for support - Chris, 310 - Tony, 165 - Rick, 288 - for a total of 763 pounds. Our swings are built with support and comfort in mind.


Price - $1400.00

This includes:

Three Seat Cypress "Adirondack" style swing

Powder Coated Chains and Hardware

Drawbar Springs

Finish (Your Choice of stain and 3 coats of spar urethane)

Free Shipping to contiguous United States

Shipping on this swing will be through FedEx freight and will come to you crated and fully assembled.



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